Who is Her??

Yes, It's me a long time ago, my age on this pic +/- 2 years
it's so cute. xoxoxo

i really want this shoes!!

Which one do you like??

The Sister's

The sister's and i wearing the same costume. Longdress by Syaika boutiq


Invitation Only, When Invited?? Xoxoxoxo

My cardigan called Squeenzy Cardigan, because the shape is uniq like jellyfish. 

Squeenzy Cardi by 2Pieds
Plaindress by Sabbaha Colection
Paris payet by Syaika boutiq

Candid Camera

Narlya Jolie & Rista Fhany
Capture by Nikon D 3000
Dress by Syaika Boutiq , The Express

Chairu & Narlya
Capture by Nikon D 3000
Cotton Shawl by 2Pieds
Inner by 2Pieds

Anomali Coffe

Sunday, February 5th 2012

Yeyyy...Coffe time...

prepared for this..... 


Prepared for coffe time in Anomali Coffe,
The address in Centra Kemang 72 Unit G, Jl. Kemang Raya Jakarta Selatan.

My Ordered :
Hazelnut Hot Coffe
Ice Latte
Chiken Fried Rice

 I don’t know why in my bill written :
Hot Americano
Ice Latte
Chiken Fried Rice

I just realized when I got home.. hahahaha…..

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is chemical engineer, i like color, flower. being, actually hijab is my priority for fashion. i think, Wear what you are comfortable with and what you like, not what others like. I think, your confidence and the way you carry yourself speaks volumes meaningful than what you are wearing...

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