Little Family

This is a Little family... Favian Abdul Sajid is baby name. 

She is vian mother, her name is Nanda Nurul Mauliddina. 
Her body is small like a stick... hehehhehe... Peace :p :p

He is vian Father. His name is Farid. I call him "aa" because he was a sundanies.

Love vian very much :*

my Mother and my Sister

From left to right are my Mother, me, and my Sister. my sister named is Filla and Mahya.
My mother is enterpreneurentrepreneurial talent I inherited from my mother. =D


Actually, this is my firs time for make a tight. These tight are very thick. 
The tights thicknes is 480 dennier, almost like leggings... cute...

Shawl by 2Pieds
Inner Ninja by 2Pieds
Broonch by 2Pieds
Tight by Bianca Maria
Blouse Cigondewa by Syaika Boutique
Shoes by Fladeo

Blouse Berbies by Syaika Boutique
Gliter Shawl by 2Pieds
Inner Ninja by 2Pieds
Necklace by Stone Necklace
Wristwatch by Swiss Army
Shoes by Fladeo

Blouse Doby by Syaika Boutique
Gliter Shawl by 2Pieds
Inner Ninja by 2Pieds
Wristwatch by Swiss Army
Shoes by Fladeo

my first boots. =D 


This is severall colection about 2Pieds. 

Dress collection by 2Pieds
Model : Narlya, Assyifa latif (Miss Indonesia 2010)

Batik 2 Tone

...Blazer Batik 2 Tone...
This blazer can be used 4 models. 2 models for the color pink, and 2 models for the color green

Plain dress by Sabbaha Collection
Blazer by Sabbaha Collection
Shawl by 2Pieds
Broonch by 2Pieds

Love This Part

These days, I mostly wear plain dress. 
black plain  dress was actually for export sales. 
The size is verylarge, but not too visible greatness right?

The Shawl is Gliter shawl. The material is stiff and a bit rough but I like the gliter. impressive luxury. 
Blouse Baloon, Fabric : Cotton

Blouse Baloon, Fabric : Shifon

I really like this picture. I look sweet and pretty ... hahahaha

Shawl by 2Pieds
Cardi by Boti Boutique
Broonch by 2Pieds
Blouse Baloon by Syaika Boutique
Shoes by Fladeo, The Sandal's

Cheseee =D

you know, one of the things that i'm interested is dressing up, touch up and pose for take a picture. hahaha... it's so narsisme. cheseeee.... =D

he's my nephew... his name is Favian Abdul Sajid, his nick name is Vian.
Love him very much...
do you see, his eyes is so cute....

Plaindress (Black) by 2Pieds
Blouse (Red) by Syaika Bourique
Shoes by The Sandal's
Make up by Wardah

Like a model (part-2)

Let's style together

Dress by 2Pieds
Shawl by 2 Pieds
Created by Nikon D3000
Editing by Narlya-Photoscape
Photographer : Chairu, Tanto, Fhany
Model : Zhava, Tanto, Fhany, Muugi, Chairu, Narlya 

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