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Shawl by my mom own collection 
White Blues by Logo
Jeans by Armani jeans
Shoes by Nevada
bracelet by Mecca


Kaaba (Arabic الكعبة) is a building located close to the form of a cube in the middle of the Masjidil Haram in Mecca. This building is a monument sacred to the MuslimsA building used as a benchmark towards the Qibla or direction benchmark for the thingswhich are of worship for Muslims around the world such as prayer. In addition, a building that must be visited or the pilgrimage to the Hajj and Umrah season.

Wish can be see you soon
-- Amin --


Chris - Dove Camel by Decimal Shoes

Cotton Shawl by 2Pieds
Black Dress by Health
Skirt Asimetric by 2Pieds
Chris Dove Camel by Decimal Shoes

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is chemical engineer, i like color, flower. being, actually hijab is my priority for fashion. i think, Wear what you are comfortable with and what you like, not what others like. I think, your confidence and the way you carry yourself speaks volumes meaningful than what you are wearing...

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